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Webservice implementation with support for middleware

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var Webservice = require('ee-webservice');

var service = new Webservice({
	  port: 		13023
	, interface: 	Webservice.IF_ANY

use method

Every middleware will be called with exactly 3 parameters:

  • request: request object of the ee-webserver

  • response: response object of the the ee-webserver

  • next: callback to be called for executing the next middleware

    // use a simple middleware for all hostnames not matched by a specific rule service.use(function(request, response, next){});

    // use a middleware which has a request method for all hostnames not matched by a specific rule service.use({request: function(request, response, next){}});

    // use a middleware for a single hostname service.use('', function(request, response, next){});

    // use a middleware for two absolute domain names and one with a wildcard subdomain service.use(['*', '', ''], function(request, response, next){});

    // use a middleware for all hostnames service.use('*', function(request, response, next){});

Interface Configurations

IF_PUBLIC: 1			// listen on all public interfaces
IF_PRIVATE: 2			// listen on all private interfaces ( RFC 1918, 192.168.x.y, 10.x.y.z, 172.16.x.y - 172.31.x.y, fc00:: )
IF_INTERNAL: 3 			// lis§ten on localhost (, ::1, fe80::1 )
IF_LOCAL: 4 			// link local 169.254.1.x to 169.254.254.y, fe80::
IF_ANY: 5				// listen on any interface
IF_V4_PRIVATE: 10		// private v4 interfaces
IF_V6_PRIVATE: 20 		// private v6 interfaces
IF_V4_INTERNAL: 11 		//
IF_V6_INTERNAL: 21 		// fc00::
IF_V4_LOCAL: 13 		// §169.254.1.x to 169.254.254.y
IF_V6_LOCAL: 23 		// fe80::
IF_V4_ANY: 14
IF_V6_ANY: 24