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Edje Framework

Edje is a Functional Sass framework. Basically we provide many shorthand styles, so instead of writing padding: 1em, we just write p1.

To make it clearer, here's an example of a class definition:

.page-thumbnail {
  background-color: red;
  border: 2px solid rgba(black, 0.5);
  padding: 1em;

Using Edje framework, we wrote it like this:

.page-thumbnail {
  @include h( bg-red  b2  b-black50  p1 );

Those mini styles are defined by Edje and easily customizable by overriding a Sass variable.

Some benefits based on our team's experience are:

  • Compact Codebase - Easier to skim through the code.

  • Instant Styleguide - All variables are stored in _settings.scss, that automatically become a styleguide to your team.

  • Faster development - You might say using full-fledged framework like Bootstrap is faster. But we actually spent longer time trying to override or customize their default styling.

  • Fun. Yeah I know that this is subjective. But for us, combining a bunch of small things to create larger entity is enjoyable.

Read full documentation here

Media Query

We used intuitive naming to make it easy to know the target size for the media query block.

.button {
  @include h( p1 );

  @media ($below-s) {
    @include h( p05 );

There are 4 default breakpoint: Extra Small (xs) is 480px, Small (s) is 767px, Medium (m) is 960px, and Large (l) is 1120px. You can use those sizes with the combination of word "below-" and "above-".

Read media query documentation here


  1. Install Node JS.

  2. Run the command npm install -g node-sass and npm install -g edje.

  3. If you are on Windows, add NODE_PATH to your System Variable and set it to %AppData%/npm/node_modules.

  4. Test whether it's successfully installed by running the command npm. If not found, try restarting your PC and double-check your NODE_PATH. If still doesn't work, run these 4 commands one by one.


Visit https://hrsetyono.github.io/edje for full documentation.

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