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Typed List Tool for Editor.js

This Tool for the Editor.js allows you to add ordered or unordered (bulleted) lists to your article.


Install via NPM

Get the package

npm i --save @editorjs/typed-list
yarn add @editorjs/typed-list

Include module at your application

import List from '@editorjs/list';

Download to your project's source dir

  1. Upload folder dist from repository
  2. Add dist/bundle.js file to your page.

Load from CDN

Load the script from jsDelivr CDN and connect to your page.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@editorjs/list@latest"></script>


Add the List Tool to the tools property of the Editor.js initial config.

import EditorJS from '@editorjs/editorjs';
import List from '@editorjs/list';

var editor = EditorJS({
  // ...
  tools: {
    list: {
      class: List,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      config: {
        defaultStyle: 'unordered'

Config Params

Field Type Description
defaultStyle string type of a list: ordered or unordered, default is ordered

Tool's settings

You can choose list`s type.

Output data

Field Type Description
style string type of a list: ordered or unordered
items string[] the array of list's items
    "type" : "list",
    "data" : {
        "style" : "unordered",
        "items" : [
            "This is a block-styled editor",
            "Clean output data",
            "Simple and powerful API"

I18n support

This tool supports the i18n api. To localize UI labels, put this object to your i18n dictionary under the tools section:

"list": {
  "Ordered": "Нумерованный",
  "Unordered": "Маркированный"

See more instructions about Editor.js internationalization here: https://editorjs.io/internationalization

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