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Editmode’s Marketing Site in a Box (MSIAB) gives you everything you need to get a beautiful website or landing page, deployed to the internet, in less than 10 minutes. And because it's powered by Editmode, all of the content can be managed, updated and changed by you or anyone on your team - technical or otherwise.

This CLI tool helps you generate a specified MSIAB theme from our gallery, get an Editmode project ID for the theme, and deploy it to Vercel all within a few minutes.


To install the latest version of the CLI, run this command:

npm i -g editmode-msiab-cli


Note: You must own accounts on and be logged into both Editmode and Vercel in your command line before using this CLI tool. Editmode will ask you to log in on your first attempt to run any msiab-cli commands. To log into Vercel, simply run vercel login (prefix it with npx if you don’t have the Vercel CLI tool installed globally on your machine) and authenticate with one of the many options made available by Vercel.

To quickly start a new project, run this command from your project directory:

editmode starter msiab-lagos --deploy --git

This will generate a new theme (the “Lagos” theme), clone the MSIAB content from Editmode, install the dependencies of the theme, instantiate a new git project, and deploy to Vercel.

The arguments and flags

The first three arguments editmode starter msiab-lagos in the command above are required.

Our themes are based on names of cities around the world, and lagos is one of our themes. To generate a different theme, simply look our gallery and replace msiab-lagos in your command with msiab-[theme name here].

--git will run git init to instantiate a new git project

--deploy will deploy the theme to Vercel and open up your browser with the theme upon completion


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