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Output generator for restlang


npm install edda


Currently there is only one way to run Edda:

var edda = require('edda');,template,data,settings,callback);

Edda expects the following arguments:

  • path: The path to a directory that contains restlang source files (*.rest)
  • template: The filename of an underscore template file. _.template is used to generate the output.
  • data: An object containing any additional data that is used by the above template
  • settings: An object containing any Underscore settings (for example custom template interpolation)
  • callback: A callback that will be called when the process is complete, passing err (array of any errors) and out (array of output)


Edda was built specifically to generate target output from the Restlang parser. For more information on Restlang see

Made with love by Max Irwin (