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eBay Morpheus

Modified version of Morpheus in order to be embedded in eBay listing page.

_  _ ____ ____ ___  _  _ ____ _  _ ____
|\/| |  | |__/ |__] |__| |___ |  | [__
|  | |__| |  \ |    |  | |___ |__| ___]

A Brilliant Animator.

Morpheus lets you "tween anything" in parallel on multiple elements; from colors to integers of any unit (px, em, %, etc), with easing transitions and bezier curves, including CSS3 transforms (roate, scale, skew, & translate) -- all in a single high-performant loop utilizing the CPU-friendly requestAnimationFrame standard.

It looks like this:

var anim = morpheus(elements, {
  // CSS
    left: -50
  , top: 100
  , width: '+=50'
  , height: '-=50px'
  , fontSize: '30px'
  , color: '#f00'
  , transform: 'rotate(30deg) scale(+=3)'
  , "background-color": '#f00'
    // API
  , duration: 500
  , easing: easings.easeOut
  , bezier: [[100, 200], [200, 100]]
  , complete: function () {
// stop an animation
// jump to the end of an animation and run 'complete' callback

General Tweening

  function (position) {
    // do stuff with position...
    // like for example, use bezier curve points :)
    var xy = morpheus.bezier([[startX, startY], <[n control points]>, [endX, endY]], position)
  function () {
  100, // start
  300 // end


  * morpheus:
  * @param element(s): HTMLElement(s)
  * @param options: mixed bag between CSS Style properties & animation options
  *  - {n} CSS properties|values
  *     - value can be strings, integers,
  *     - or callback function that receives element to be animated. method must return value to be tweened
  *     - relative animations start with += or -= followed by integer
  *  - duration: time in ms - defaults to 1000(ms)
  *  - easing: a transition method - defaults to an 'easeOut' algorithm
  *  - complete: a callback method for when all elements have finished
  *  - bezier: array of arrays containing x|y coordinates that define the bezier points. defaults to none
  *     - this may also be a function that receives element to be animated. it must return a value
  * @return animation instance

See the live examples

Language LTR - RTL support

For those who run web services that support languages spanning from LTR to RTL, you can use the drop-in plugin filed called rtltr.js found in the src directory which will automatically mirror all animations without having to change your implementation. It's pretty rad.

Browser support

Grade A & C Browsers according to Yahoo's Graded Browser Support. CSS3 transforms are only supported in browsers that support the transform specification.

Ender integration

Got Ender? No? Get it.

$ npm install ender -g

Add Morpheus to your existing Ender build

$ ender add morpheus

Write code like a boss:

$('#content .boosh').animate({
  left: 911,
  complete: function () {

Usage Notes


If you're serious about color animation, there's a few precautions you'll need to take ahead of time. In order to morph from one color to another, you need to make sure the elements you're animating have an inherited color style to start with. Furthermore, those styles need to be represented in rgb, or hex, and not a named color (like red, or orange) -- that is unless you want to write code to map the color conversion yourself.

Therefore, at minimum, you need to set a color before animating.

element.style.color = '#ff0';
morpheus(element, {
  color: '#000'

With Bonzo installed in Ender.

$('div.things').css('color', '#ff0').animate({
  color: '#000'


If you're considering animating by a CSS unit of measurement like em, pt, or %, like-wise to color animation, you must set the size ahead of time before animating:

      fontSize: '2em'
    , width: '50%'
      fontSize: '+=1.5em'
    , width: '100%'

You also get two other fancy fading hooks

$('p').fadeIn(250, function () {
$('p').fadeOut(500, function () {


Transforms can be animated in browsers that support them (IE9, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera). morpheus.transform provides a shortcut to the correct style property for the browser (webkitTransform, MozTransform, etc). Like animating on units or color, you must set the property ahead of time before animating:

element.style[morpheus.transform] = 'rotate(30deg) scale(1)'
morpheus(element, {
  transform: 'rotate(0deg) scale(+=3)'

AMD Support

require('morpheus.js', function (morpheus) {
  morpheus(elements, config)
or as usual with ender
var morpheus = require('morpheus')


If you're looking to contribute. Add your changes to src/morpheus.js Then run the following

npm install .
open tests/tests.html

Morpheus (c) Dustin Diaz 2011 - License MIT

Happy Morphing!




npm i ebay-morpheus

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