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    eBay Items Widget

    Lightweight, responsive and fully customizable component for React applications to surface a rich selection of items for buyers.

    Note: The item search is powered by eBay Browse API.

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    eBay Items Widget is a fully customizable React component that allows you to surface a rich collection of eBay items in your React application.

    This component provides a responsive UI experience with four different layouts:

    • Single Item Carousel: View for presenting data in a horizontally scrollable layout. You can swipe to move through a collection of items

    Single item carousel view

    • Multiple Items Carousel: Similar to carousel view with three items per carousel slide

    Multiple items caousel view

    • List: Displays the items in a list

    List view

    • Gallery: Displays the items organized in a responsive layout

    Gallery view

    It comes with a ready to use example and a NodeJS express server to bootstrap integration with eBay Browse API.


    • Four different layouts to show items retrieved by eBay Browse API
    • Support for customizable search parameters:
    • Option to sort search results by:
      • Price (ascending)
      • Price (descending)
      • Distance
      • Newly listed
    • Limit search results with pagination control search results
    • Surface items from different eBay Marketplaces
    • Highly customizable
      • Each visible element can be hidden by passing a prop
      • API errors/warnings are displayed as alerts and can be overridden
      • The carousel layout supports different options:
        • animation: Defines the animation style (slide/fade)
        • autoplay: Defines if the slides should auto-scroll
        • interval: Interval in ms between slides
        • indicators: Defines if the bullet indicators should be visible
        • navButtonsAlwaysInvisible: Defines if the prev/next indicators should be always invisible
        • navButtonsAlwaysVisible: Defines if the prev/next indicators should be always visible
        • stopAutoPlayOnHover: Defines if the slides should auto-scroll on mouse over
    • This widget also supports affiliate IDs and creates trackable URLs for each item.



    - NodeJS (for the example): v12.16 or higher
    - NPM: v7.5.6 or higher/Yarn: v1.22.10 or higher


    NPM Version

    Using npm:

    npm install ebay-items-react-widget

    Using yarn:

    yarn add ebay-items-react-widget


    Before when running the example, make the following updates to the options.js file:

    • AFFILIATE_CAMPAIGN_ID: This is a 10-digit unique number provided by the eBay Partner Network.
    • AFFILIATE_REFERENCE_ID: This can be any value you want to use to identify this item or purchase order and can be a maximum of 256 characters. This is embedded in the customid part of the ePN affiliate link. Note: The referenceId is the same as SUB-ID.
    • CATEGORY_IDS: The category ID is used to limit the results to specific eBay categories. Note: Currently, you can pass in only one category ID per request.
    • CLIENT_ID: Your application's Client ID. More information
    • CLIENT_SECRET: Your application's Client secret. More information


    Prop Description Type Default Required
    carouselOptions Carousel options (only applicable when defaultView is "carousel" or "multi-item-carousel") Object { animation: "slide", autoPlay: false, interval: 4000, indicators: false, navButtonsAlwaysInvisible: false, navButtonsAlwaysVisible: false, stopAutoPlayOnHover: false } N
    charityIds The Charity ID(s) are used to limit the results to only items associated with the specified charity String "" N
    defaultView Default view for the widget (carousel/multi-item-carousel/gallery/list) String gallery N
    disableImageSearch Hides the image search button Boolean false N
    errorMessage Overrides the error message String "" N
    imageSearchEndpoint Backend URL for image search String "" Y
    limit Number of items surfaced (documentation) Integer 50 N
    marketplaceId Marketplace in which the items would be searched. (supported marketplaces) String EBAY_US N
    searchEndpoint Backend URL for keyword search String "" Y
    searchKeyword Default search keyword (Note: Triggers search call on page load) String "" N
    hideErrors When passed this will hide the error message alerts Boolean false N
    hideSearchBar Hide the search bar Boolean false N
    hideSortOptions Hide the sort options button Boolean false N
    hideSettings Hide the settings button Boolean false N
    hideTotal Hide the total button Boolean false N
    hideViewOptions Hide the view options button Boolean false N
    hideWarnings When passed this will hide the warning message alerts Boolean false N
    warningMessage Overrides the warning messages String "" N


    import EbayItemsWidget from 'ebay-items-react-widget';
            animation: 'slide',
            autoPlay: true,
            interval: 5000,
            indicators: false,
            stopAutoPlayOnHover: true

    Running the example

    Using npm:

    npm start

    Using yarn:

    yarn start

    Configuration Sample: options.js.

    Note for Production deployment

    For production, please host with HTTPS enabled.


    Uses standard console logging.


    Copyright 2021 eBay Inc. Developer: Lokesh Rishi

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


    npm i ebay-items-react-widget

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