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Extensible online banking CLI tool

This CLI is extensible and allows you to interact with online banking sites in general. Check below for implemented services and examples.


Google Chrome 59 is needed to use headless mode. You can also download Chrome Canary and use it alongside your current Chrome stable version.

A global installation is preferred:

npm i -g

Now exec ebank --help for details on supported commands.

Create a .env file in the root folder (with proper permissions!) with the specific vars required for authentication. For example: ebank bbva would need the following vars:


Add specific credentials as needed by other commands.

Implemented services

You are welcome to submit a new online banking command utility :)

Nice to have features

  • REPL. Would allow you to interact with your home banking session.
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Download credit card extract
  • Visa Home

For developers

See API docs: