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EasyPattern NPM version

EasyPattern is a readable alternative to regular expressions

It is great to match urls with ease, and keep is super readable!


to install, type

npm install easypattern

Few examples

Basic testings

var easyPattern = require("easyPattern");

var pattern = easyPattern("{file}.js"); 
pattern.test(""); // false
pattern.test("index.js"); // true

Basic matching

var pattern = easyPattern("{folder}/{filename}.js"); 
var result = pattern.match("foo/bar.js");

//result = {folder: "foo", filename: "bar"}

Wildcard matching

var pattern = easyPattern("*.{extension}"); 
var result = pattern.match("/root/folder/file.exe");

//result = {extension:"exe"}

Advance matching

var pattern = easyPattern("{*}/{filename}?{*}"); 
var result = pattern.match("");

//result = {1:"", 2:"p=1", filename:"hello.js"}