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Welcome to Easydoc !

What's the deal ?

Easydoc is a tiny web server that publish your documentation written in markdown.

It can also serve any other web resources aside with your markdown files

It provides you a file index for browsing, and a full-text search (still in progress).

You'll be able to use also mustache templates and variables, either global (YAML file) or local to page (metas).

It's very basic, and very easy to use and customize.


  1. You'll need the appropriate NodeJs installation on your system.
  2. Download the latest version of easydoc and unzip it
  3. From the command line, build it: > npm install
  4. Also from the command line, run it > bin/easydoc -v docs/custom.yml (or node .\bin\easydoc .\docs\custom.yml under windows)


You can watch it online, on github Or, once you've started your server, goes to http://localhost and you're in !

If you encounter problems, try the CLI help > bin/easydoc -h

have fun!