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What is Easy-js?

Easy-js is a library that I built to help out new programmers and web developers who don't use Javascript that often. During my time in school I found the Web Design program didn't put much focus on Javascript, and that is how I came up with the idea for Easy-js. With the help of code snippets and easy to use functions, Easy-js makes Javascript even easier to use!


npm install easy-js

What's new in this version?

v 0.2.0 brings bug fixes to some minor issues.


The documentation for Easy-JS can be found at:


Easy.js - The main file that makes Javascript easy for new programmers and experts!

javascript.json - This is a language.json file for VSCode, you will have to run this file manually to add in the code snippets that work with easy-js.

EasyJS.sublime-snippet - This is the snippet file for Sublime Text users

easy-js_snippets.cson - This is the code snippet file for Atom users.


To properly access the code snippets, make sure when you import/require the package that you call it: ejs