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Layout manager for Titanium based on Handlebars


earp.js is view engine for Titanium


With earp.js you will describe your views in XML and Handlebars syntaxes.

It's based on :

  • Titanium API
  • Handlebars

Getting started

1. Add earp.js in your Resources folder

2. Create a hello.earp file in your Resources folder and copy/paste this :

<window backgroundColor="white">
    <label top= "20%" left="50%" text="{{text}}" />
    <button top= "50%" left="50%" id="foobar" title="click here !" />

3. Fill your app.js with this :

var Earp = require('earp');
var dialog ='hello', {text: 'Hello World !'});
dialog.get('foobar').addEventListener('click', function() {
    alert('Button clicked');