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Dynoport is a CLI tool that allows you to easily import and export data from a specified DynamoDB table. It provides a convenient way to transfer data between DynamoDB and JSON files.


To install Dynoport, use the following command:

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npm install -g dynoport


Dynoport supports two modes: export and import. Here's how you can use each mode:

Export Mode

In export mode, Dynoport exports the data from a DynamoDB table and saves it as a JSON file.

dynoport --table <tableName> --filePath <outputFilePath> --mode export -region eu-west-1

  • <tableName>: The name of the DynamoDB table you want to export.
  • <outputFilePath>: The path where the JSON file will be saved.
  • <region>: Specify the aws region to use.


dynoport --table myTable --filePath ./data.json --mode export --region us-east-1

This command will export the data from the "myTable" DynamoDB table and save it as a JSON file at "./data.json".

Import Mode

In import mode, Dynoport imports data from a JSON file and inserts it into a specified DynamoDB table.

dynoport --table <tableName> --filePath <inputFilePath> --mode import --region us-east-1

  • <tableName>: The name of the DynamoDB table where you want to import the data.
  • <inputFilePath>: The path to the JSON file containing the data to be imported.
  • <region>: Specify the aws region to use.


dynoport --table myTable --filePath ./data.json --mode import

This command will import the data from the "./data.json" file and insert it into the "myTable" DynamoDB table.

Additional Notes

  • The AWS credentials and region should be properly configured on your system before using Dynoport. Refer to the AWS documentation for more information on configuring credentials.

  • The DynamoDB table specified should exist and be accessible with the provided credentials.

  • The exported JSON file will be created or appended to if it already exists.

  • During import, the JSON file should contain an array of objects, where each object represents a record to be inserted into the DynamoDB table.

  • For large datasets, the import operation is batched to ensure efficient processing. The batch size can be adjusted using the chunkSize variable in the code.



Dynoport version: 1.0.0


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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