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A wrapper for AWS DynamoDB Local, intended for use in testcases. Will automatically download the files needed to run DynamoDb Local.

You can optionally override the download URL from where it fetches the installation archive as well as the target directory to which it will install the binaries (default is your system's temp folder).


Install the module as development dependency by running

npm install dynamodb-local --save-dev

Then in node, write your test script like this:

var DynamoDbLocal = require('dynamodb-local');
var dynamoLocalPort = 8000;
DynamoDbLocal.launch(dynamoLocalPort, null, ['-sharedDb']) //if you want to share with Javascript Shell
    .then(function () {
        // do your tests

Another example which also shows how to override the installer configuration can be found in examples/simple.js.

See AWS DynamoDB Docs for more info on how to interact with DynamoDB Local.