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DynamicsWebApi for Microsoft Dataverse Web API / Microsoft Power Pages / Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

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DynamicsWebApi is a Microsoft Dataverse Web API helper library written in Typescript.

Compatible with: Microsoft Dataverse; Microsoft Dynamics 365: Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, Project Operations, Talents, Sales and any model-driven application built on Microsoft Power Apps platform. As well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (online), Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (on-premises), Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Main Features

  • Microsoft Dataverse Search API. Access the full power of its Search, Suggestion and Autocomplete capabilities.
  • Batch Requests. Convert all requests into a Batch operation with twi lines of code.
  • Simplicity and Automation. Such as automated paging, big file downloading/uploading in chunks of data, automated conversion of requests with long URLs into a Batch Request in the background and more!
  • CRUD operations. Including Fetch XML, Actions and Functions in Microsoft Dataverse Web API.
  • Table Definitions (Entity Metadata). Query and modify Table, Column, Choice (Option Set) and Relationship definitions.
  • File Fields. Upload, Download and Delete data stored in the File Fields.
  • Abort Signal and Abort Controller (Browser and Node.js 15+). Abort requests when they are no longer need to be completed.
  • Node.js and a Browser support.
  • Proxy Configuration support.
  • Works with Microsoft Power Pages (aka Microsoft Portal). v2.1.0+

Browser-compiled script and type definitions can be found in a v2 dist folder.

Please note! "Dynamics 365" in this readme refers to Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as Microsoft Common Data Service) / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / Micorosft Dynamics CRM. NOT Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Usage examples

For a full documentation please check DynamicsWebApi on GitHub.

Dynamics 365 Web Resource

To use DynamicsWebApi inside Dynamics 365 you need to download a browser version of the library, it can be found in v2 dist folder.

Upload a script as a JavaScript Web Resource, add it to a table form or reference it in your HTML Web Resource and then initialize the main object:

//By default DynamicsWebApi makes calls to 
//Web API v9.2 and Search API v1.0
const dynamicsWebApi = new DynamicsWebApi();

const response = await dynamicsWebApi.callFunction("WhoAmI");
Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog({ text: `Hello Dynamics 365! My id is: ${response.UserId}` });

Microsoft Power Pages (Microsoft Portal)


There are two ways to include DynamicsWebApi in your portal: upload as a Web File or use CDN, such as unpkg.

It is possible to upload the library as a Web File in Microsoft Power Pages. Usually, the .js extensions are forbidden to upload but it is still possible to do, here's a workaround.

Once the web file is uploaded, it can be included in a template, a page or a form the following way:

<script type="text/javascript" src="~/dynamicsWebApi.min.js"></script>

With CDN, it is a bit easier: no need to create and upload a web file - just include the script in your template, page or a form:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://unpkg.com/dynamics-web-api@2.1.0/dist/dynamics-web-api.min.js"></script>

And you are good to go! DynamicsWebApi will automatically detect if the library is running on Power Pages and will supply an anti-forgery token with each request.


To use DynamicsWebApi in Node.js install the dynamics-web-api package from NPM:

npm install dynamics-web-api --save

Then include it in your script:

const DynamicsWebApi = require("dynamics-web-api");

import { DynamicsWebApi } from "dynamics-web-api";

Example of a Batch Operation using DynamicsWebApi

const contact = {
    firstname: "John",
    lastname: "Doe"

const order = {
    name: "1 year membership",
    //reference a request in a navigation property
    "customerid_contact@odata.bind": "$1"

dynamicsWebApi.create({ data: contact, collection: "contacts", contentId: "1" });
dynamicsWebApi.create({ data: order, collection: "salesorders" });

const responses = await dynamicsWebApi.executeBatch();

//in this case both ids exist in a response
//which makes it a preferred method
const contactId = responses[0];
const salesorderId = responses[1];

For a full documentation please check DynamicsWebApi on GitHub.


First of all, I would like to thank you for using DynamicsWebApi library in your Dynamics 365 CE / Common Data Service project, the fact that my project helps someone to achieve their development goals already makes me happy.

And if you would like to contribute to the project you may do it in multiple ways:

  1. Submit an issue/bug if you have encountered one.
  2. If you know the root of the issue please feel free to submit a pull request, just make sure that all tests pass and if the fix needs new unit tests, please add one.
  3. Let me and community know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the project by submitting an issue on GitHub, I will label it as a 'future enhancement'.
  4. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and if you wish to let me know how you use DynamicsWebApi and what project you are working on, I will be happy to hear about it.

All contributions are greatly appreciated!

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