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Command line tool for AWS DynamoDB


  • Install globally via npm: npm install -g dydb
  • Create the configuration file described under Configuraton


dydb command [options]

list list all tables in database
describe <table> get the schema for a table
count <table> get item count of table
create <file> create a table using a json definition file
delete <table> delete a table
dump <table> get all data from a table
truncate <table> remove all data from a table
throughput <table> <read> <write> change the provisioned throughput of a table

-h, --help output usage information
-V, --version output the version number
-e, --env <name> environment name as specified in the config


Add a file named .dydb to your home directory.
Add "default": true to one of the entries, and that entry will be used when --env is omitted.

    "local": {
        "default": true,
        "aws": {
            "sslEnabled": false,
            "endpoint": "localhost:8000",
            "accessKeyId": "xxx",
            "secretAccessKey": "xxx",
            "region": "xxx"
    "prod": {
        "aws": {
            "accessKeyId": "yyy",
            "secretAccessKey": "yyy",
            "region": "yyy"


dydb list -e dev
dydb dump Products -e prod > products.json