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Recursively compiles a directory of dust.js templates into grouped .js files.

Dust templates in the root directory are compiled into a templates.js file. Templates in sub directories of the root are compiled into a file matching the full directory name (with dots replacing path separator). So all templates at sub/dir/*.dust would be compiled into sub.dir.js file.


For use in other node projects:

npm install dusting

As a command line tool:

npm install dusting -g


designed to be used synchronously:

var dusting = require('dusting');
  source: <input>,
  output: <output>,
  // optionally rename the root `templates.js` file
  rootOutput: 'foo.js'

command line:

dusting <input> [output]
  • <source> path to a directory containing dust.js templates (*.dust).
  • [output] directory to write output to, defaults to cwd