Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays


Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays.

The backbone of this module is the async module. The problem this is trying to solve is easy chaining of these useful functional methods. This module also adds a few new methods based off ideas from lodash. Lodash is a very useful library, but it doesn't not allow you to perform async iterations.

At the end of each chain, you can add a then method which is based off of the Promises/A+ spec. It is not a real promise, but allows you to have a success and error method passed to it as arguments

npm install into --save
var into = require('into');
var list = [1, 2, 3];
  .filter(function (itemnext) {
    next(null, item < 3);
  .map(function (itemnext) {
    if (item === 1) next(null, 'one');
    if (item === 2) next (null, 'two');
  .then(function (items) {
    // items will equal ['one', 'two'] now 
  }, function (err) {
    // Something bad happend