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A small PubSub library under the PS constructor function.


Minified and unminified versions in the dist folder.

<script src="pubsub.min.js"></script> 
var ps = new PS();
npm install dtang-pubsub

Link to NPM page:

var Evt = require('pubsub');
var ps = new Evt.PS();
  • topic (string) - your custom event name
  • data (mixed) optional argument for any data that you would like to be passed with a publication and used in subscriptions.
  • topic (string) - your custom event name
  • callback (function) - function invoked when topic is published
  • context (object) - optional argument for what this will refer to within the callback function. By default, this will point to the current PS instance
  • returns a subscription ID to potentially be used in unsubscribing
  • subscriptionID (int) - returned from the subscribe method
var ps = new PS();
var s1 = ps.subscribe('test-topic', function(data) {
console.log(this, data);
// 3rd argument will be the context used for the 2nd argument 
var s2 = ps.subscribe('test-topic', function(data) {
console.log(this, data);
}, {
name: 'David',
age: 27
ps.publish('test-topic', 'some data');
ps.unsubscribe(s1); // unsubscribes s1