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Like npm init but for generating TypeScript definitions and tests stubs.

Install: npm install -g dt-init

Usage: dt-init module-name [-b|--bower|-d|--def-only gitconfig][-h|--help|-v|--version|

module-name      : Module to generate stubs for.
-b | --bower     : Also generate a bower.json package file for client-side dependencies.
-d | --def-only  : Only generate definition and tests.
gitconfig        : Git configuration file to use for user values (instead of default).
-h | --help      : Display this usage information and exit.
-v | --version   : Display application version and exit.
-c | --configure : Write configuration file and exit (destructive).

Running dt-init module-name -b will generate the stubs (with package.json and bower.json) and retrieve the module you plan to write the definitions and tests for. This results in a directory tree such as:

├── bower.json
├── bower_components
├── node_modules
├── module-name.d.ts
├── module-name-tests.ts
├── node_modules
└── package.json

After you have finished your TypeScript definitions and tests, within module-name you can invoke npm test to compile and run them.

Install the TypeScript compiler first if necessary with: npm install -g typescript

If you want to use the -b option, you will need to have Bower installed: npm install -g bower

Specify .gitconfig parameter if you want to use a different Git configuration file to the user's default. These values are used in the generated type definitions stubs.


npm i dt-init

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