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Dynatrace App Toolkit

The Dynatrace App Toolkit is a powerful command-line interface tool designed to accelerate app development and deployment within the Dynatrace environment. Key functionalities of the Dynatrace App Toolkit include:

  • Streamlining the app development and deployment process
  • Allowing for easy creation, modification, and deployment of applications
  • Ensuring optimal performance and reliability
  • Empowering developers to generate new app functions and update Dynatrace packages without additional installation or configuration
  • Seamlessly integrating with existing workflows
  • Freeing developers to focus on core competencies

To learn more about how the Dynatrace App Toolkit can optimize your app development process, visit the Dynatrace Developer Portal.

Basic usage

Create new app

The toolkit will prompt you for an app name and the environment URL that you want to use for app development. Additional options

npx dt-app create

Start development server

Build the app and start a local development server. Additional options

npx dt-app dev

Generate Dynatrace App function

Generate a Dynatrace App function. Additional options

npx dt-app g f myFunctionName

Deploy app to your environment

Build the app and then deploy it to the specified environment. Additional options

npx dt-app deploy

Find more commands in the full command reference

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