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Isomorphic web framework for React and Redux.

Basic principles:

  • Convention over configuration. Everything is working out of the box.
  • Targeted on buildin SPA and isomorphic applications.
  • Components dispatch events.
  • Events are processed in dispatcher.
  • Dispatcher is an independent entity. It's a hashmap, where the key is an event name, the value is a handler.
  • Event handler (action) generates a new app state.
  • State is immutable, one instane of the app has only one state.
  • Sate is passed into the root component, it's parts are passed to child components as props.
  • Each component has an access to the context, components use it to interact with the outer world.
  • Context is able to dipathc message and construct app urls.
  • App context is implemented using React context.
  • All async task are implemented using promises.

Project generator (drug-cli):

  • Is installed globally.
  • Fetches the template of a new project from GitHub (drug init or drug create my-app)
  • It is possible to specify the version of app template you wish to create project from.
  • Templates of the generators are in the project folder, you can customize them.