Easily obtain OAuth credentials for the Dropbox API.

Simple authentication helper for Dropbox.


$ npm install dropbox-authentixator


The authenticator is a tiny object that exposes two single functions.

The initiate function asks Dropbox for a request token and generates a URL that you should send your user to. You are then responsible for providing a calback URL that Dropbox can send the user to.

Once the user comes back to you, you complete the authorization by calling complete.

The complete function takes the response stream from an HTTP server and a call back function. Once authorization is complete this function is called with the OAuth credentials. It's up to you to store these.


Quick 'n dirty example showing how to use this thing:

var Authenticator = require('dropbox-authenticator');
var http = require('http');
var auth = Authenticator(YOUR_APP_ID, YOUR_APP_SECRET);
// Handle authorizations 
http.createServer(function (reqres) {
  if (req.url === '/') {
    auth.initiate('http://mysite.com/authorized', function (errurl) {
      res.write('<a href="' + url + '">Authorize!</a>');
  else {
    auth.complete(res, function (errcredentials) {
      // Save credentials or something here