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rsyslog plugin for drifter


Stability: 1 - Experimental

Drifter output plugin for rsyslog.

drifter-rsyslog is an rsyslog output plugin. It encodes the message as a query string and issues an HTTP GET request to the specified destination.

/path/to/drifter-rsyslog send http://localhost:8080
npm test

Starts to listen for messages on stdin, transforms them into a query string, and sends them to the destination as an HTTP GET request.

Usage: drifter-rsyslog send <destination>
Turns message into drifter format and sends over HTTP(S) to the specified
destination. Destination is a URI 'http(s)://<hostname>(:<port>)'.
  • function (data) {}
    • data: Buffer Data returned from the destination.

Emitted when the destination sends back data.

  • function () {}

Emitted when stdin is closed and all data was sent.

  • function (error) {}
    • error: Object An error.
      • code: String An error code. For example ECONNREFUSED.

Emitted when the connection to the destination encounters an error.