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The repo includes a simple xmlrpc client for + a Google+ posts importer.


(Node 6.9.x)

# npm -g i json dreamwidth-js

How to post


You need to add to ~/.netrc an entry for, e.g.:

  login john_doe
  password a6efa2902a81b8218a8d8fa59eb60229

where the password field is an md5 hashed string; you may get it from

$ printf a-very-strong-password | md5sum
a6efa2902a81b8218a8d8fa59eb60229  -

To test the correctness of the entry, run:

$ dreamwidth-js login-test
{ friendgroups: [],
  usejournals: [],
  fullname: 'john_doe',
  userid: 123456789 }

Posting raw HTML

$ dreamwidth-js help entry-post
  Usage: dreamwidth-js-entry-post [options] < file.html
    -h, --help              output usage information
    -s, --subject <string>  entry title
    -d, --date <string>     YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
    -t, --tags <string>     tags separated by commas
    --backdated             don't show up on people's friends lists
    --security <string>     private, friends, public

The util expects a raw html from the stdin. You may write your post in markdown & feed the obtained html to the util:

$ kramdown | dreamwidth-js entry-post -s test
{ url: '',
  itemid: 173,
  anum: 186 }

By default the post will be visible only to you; to make it public, pass --security public option.

Posting markdown

entry-post-md subcommand that expects github-compatible markdown w/ a valid front-matter:

$ dreamwidth-js entry-post-md
subject: On today's proceedings
tags: meeting, an exciting waste of time
security: public
## Agenda for Mon. budget meeting
It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents
{ anum: 194,
  url: '',
  itemid: 1421 }

where each key in the YAML corresponds to an cmd arg of entry-post (that entry-post-md invokes under the hood).

Uploading an image

At the time of writing DW has an experimental file uploader w/ a DOM-only interface. We can obtain a session cookie via xmlrpc & make a POST request w/ a multipart/form-data payload & the aforementioned cookie.

$ dreamwidth-js img-upload -u < cat.jpg

(It uses file(1) for guessing the proper mime type.)

The session cookie is valid for 24 hours & will be updated automatically when needed. It's stored at $XDG_CACHE_HOME/dreamwidth-js/session.

Google+ posts importer

G+ has a 'takeout' feature: it gives you a .tgz file w/ all your posts. When you do this, make sure you've selected 'json' format.

$ ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 alex users 1009878 Jan 14 23:40 takeout-20170114T213645Z.tgz
$ mkdir 1 && cd 1
$ make -f `npm -g root`/dreamwidth-js/ TAR=../takeout-20170114T213645Z.tgz SECURITY=public

If you have a lot of posts, you may press Ctrl-C any time, the makefile won't re-upload the same post twice (unless you delete Takeout dir).


  • Q: Will this also work w/ LiveJournal?

    I've no idea. Btw, you shouldn't use LiveJournal, for it's effectually a KGB-controlled company.