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    Make sure you have NPM and Gulp installed and then:

    1. Use Node >= 8.
    2. npm install -g npm
    3. npm install
    4. gulp

    The BrowserSync server will be running at http://localhost:9999.


    1. Create a feature branch. git checkout -b my-branch
    2. Add, commit, and push your code. git add file.css; git commit; git push
    3. Create a Merge Request in GitLab.
      • A link to create an MR will show up in the output of git push.

    Releasing new version

    A new release is automatically built and published every time a tag is created. All automation is run by GitLab CI and defined in .gitlab-ci.yml.

    Before picking a new version number, please make sure it's in line with Semantic Versioning guidelines.

    Option 1 - via CLI

    1. git checkout master
    2. git tag <version>
      • Example: git tag 1.2.3
    3. git push --tags
    4. Follow the build result in GitLab.

    Optoon 2 - via GUI

    1. Create a tag in GitLab
    2. Follow the build result in GitLab.

    Updating each app

    Some DreamHost apps use the framework either as a dependency, or as a devDependency in their package.json.

    Execute the below to update the package.json to the newest version of the framework that has been published to NPM:

    • npm install dreamhost-css@latest --save if dependency
    • npm install dreamhost-css@latest --save-dev if devDependency

    Until the framework is stable, once the package has been installed and updated, we need to compile CSS and check the app to see if anything has changed and should be fixed. Once we get to a stable version, we should only need to take this safety precaution on major releases.




    npm i dreamhost-css

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