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A library for converting DraftJS Editor content to plain HTML.

This is draft to HTML library I wrote for one of my projects. I am open-sourcing it so that others can also be benefitted from my work.


npm install draftjs-to-html


import { convertToRaw } from 'draft-js';
import draftToHtml from 'draftjs-to-html';
const rawContentState = convertToRaw(editorState.getCurrentContent());
const markup = draftToHtml(

The function parameters are:

  1. contentState: Its instance of RawDraftContentState

  2. hashConfig: Its configuration object for hashtag, its required only if hashtags are used. If the object is not defined hashtags will be output as simple text in the markdown.

    hashConfig = {
      trigger: '#',
      separator: ' ',

    Here trigger is character that marks starting of hashtag (default '#') and separator is character that separates characters (default ' '). These fields in hastag object are optional.

  3. directional: Boolean, if directional is true text is aligned according to bidi algorithm. This is also optional.

  4. customEntityTransform: Its function to render custom defined entities by user, its also optional.

    editorState is instance of DraftJS EditorState.

Supported conversions

Following is the list of conversions it supports:

  1. Convert block types to corresponding HTML tags:

    Block Type HTML Tag
    1 header-one h1
    2 header-two h2
    3 header-three h3
    4 header-four h4
    5 header-five h5
    6 header-six h6
    7 unordered-list-item ul
    8 ordered-list-item ol
    9 blockquote blockquote
    10 code pre
    11 unstyled p

    It performs these additional changes to text of blocks:

    • replace blank space in beginning and end of block with  
    • replace \n with <br>
    • replace < with &lt;
    • replace > with &gt;
  2. Converts ordered and unordered list blocks with depths to nested structure of <ul>, <ol> and <li>.

  3. Converts inline styles BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE, STRIKETHROUGH, CODE, SUPERSCRIPT, SUBSCRIPT to corresponding HTML tags: <strong>, <em>, <ins>, <code>, <sup>, <sub>.

  4. Converts inline styles color, background-color, font-size, font-family to a span tag with inline style details: <span style="color:xyz;font-size:xx">. (The inline styles in JSON object should start with strings color or font-size like color-red, color-green or fontsize-12, fontsize-20).

  5. Converts entity range of type link to anchor tag using entity data url for href, targetOption for target: <a href="url" target="_self">text</a>. Default target is _self.

  6. Converts entity range of type mention to anchor tag using entity data url for href and value for data-value, it also adds class to it: <a href="url" class="wysiwyg-mention" data-mention data-value="value">text</a>.

  7. Converts atomic entity image to image tag using entity data src for image source, and if present alt, alignment, height, width also: <img src="src" alt="alt_text" style="float: left, height: 50px; width: 50px"/>.

  8. Converts embedded links to iFrames, using width, height and src from entity data. <iframe width="width" height="height" src="src" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

  9. Converts hashtags to anchor tag: <a href="#tag" class="wysiwyg-hashtag">#tag</a>.

  10. customEntityTransform can be used for transformation of a custom entity block to html. If present its call to generate html for entity. It can take 2 parameter:

    1. entity ( object with { type, mutalibity, data})
    2. text text present in the block.
  11. Adding style property to block tag for block level styles like text-align: <p style="text-align: right">text</p>.

  12. RTL, if directional function parameter is true, generated blocks have property dir = "auto" thus they get aligned according to bidi algorithm.






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