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File uploader Module for Deployd

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Check out this repo for a demo of this module.


This module provides functionality to upload files within Deployd. The uploaded files will be stored in the public folder of Deployd and the filenames will be stored in a collection.

Don't hesitate to fill an issue if you find a bug or need a feature.


Go to the base directory of your Deployd project and enter:

$ npm install deployd
$ npm install dpd-fileupload --save

Once installed, you can add a resource of type fileupload in the dashboard. Installaton


$ git clone
cd dpd-fileupload
$ npm install deployd
$ npm link


By default, the module will create a folder called "upload" inside the public directory. You can then access your files by calling: http://localhost:2403/upload/filename.extension Directory structure

If you need to, you can change the name of the directory in the dashboard under CONFIG. Configuration


Upload a file (or multiple files)

Method POST or PUT (set content type to "multipart/form-data"), send "subdir" as request param to save the file in a sub directory. Any request parameter sent will be stored in the resource object.

Working demo available here:

Response of a successful upload:

    filename: 'screenshot.png',
    subdir: "images",
    creationDate: 1389946339569,
    id: '2f4c752310e2bbae',
    filesize: '75148412',
}, {
    filename: 'screenshot (1).png',
    subdir: "images",
    creationDate: 1389946339233,
    id: 'ef43f52310e2bbae',
    filesize: '85412',
}, ...]

Get the list of files

Method GET

dpd.fileupload.get(function(result, err) {

The response:

    filename: 'screenshot.png',
    subdir: "images",
    creationDate: 1389946339569,
    id: '2f4c752310e2bbae',
    filesize: '75148412',
}, {
    filename: 'screenshot (1).png',
    subdir: "images",
    creationDate: 1389946339233,
    id: 'ef43f52310e2bbae',
    filesize: '8441547',
}, ...]

Get one file

Since we upload the files into the /public folder, you can access your files like this: http://localhost:2403/upload/subdir/filename.extension replace:

  • "upload" by the folder your set in the dashboard
  • "subdir" by the value you set for subdir. (nothing if you haven't given a subdir param)
  • "filename.extension" by the name of the file your uploaded

If you would like more security and some rights management to get the files, fill an issue about this and I might work on this feature.

Remove a file from filesystem and from collection


    dpd.fileupload.del(id, function(result, err) {
        if (err) alert(err);


This module provides three custom events in the dashboard: get, upload, delete
They contains the following variables:

  • ctx: more documentation on []( -764)
  • the upload event also contains the following objects:
    • url
    • filename
    • originalFilename
    • filesize
    • uniqueFilename
    • subdir

Example on dpd-fileupload-demo


Thanks to @Mortgy, we now have authentication within dpd-fileupload.
There's a new checkbox in the dashboard to configure the authorization. If you need your users to be logged-in to view, upload or delete the files, this checkbox is yours! If your users are logged-in with deployd, they'll have access to the resources.


  • 0.0.17
    • Implemented user authentication configuration to allow file uploading / deleting for loggedin users PR #43 (Thanks @Mortgy)
    • unique filename enabling could be configured in configuration PR #43 (Thanks @Mortgy)
  • 0.0.16
  • 0.0.15
    • Add data in upload event.
    • Partial fix of E11000 error PR #36 (Thanks @hjanuschka). The rest of the fix is on Deployd side (#653)
    • Switch to new md5 dependency (MD5 was deprecated). PR #31
    • We now have integration tests, maintainance will be much easier 😎
  • 0.0.14
    • Fixed path issues with lots of traffic. PR #25 (thanks @rgolea)
  • 0.0.13
    • Fixed bug for deleting without a subdirectory. PR #22 (thanks @rgolea)
    • Upgrade dependency (debug module).
  • 0.0.12
    • fix: public folder not dynamic. PR #19 (thanks @docnoe)
    • Update dependencies. Close #17
    • rename mimeType property to type to match the html5 file spec. Close #14
  • 0.0.11
    • Allow internal requests for GET. Close #12
    • Added MIME types and filtering file lists. PR #5
  • 0.0.10
    • Option to store unique file name (add uniqueFilename to the query param. Cf Demo)
      • npm update required (MD5 dependency added)
    • if the name of the resource is the same of the upload directory, it'll automatically append an underscore (_) to the upload directory (cf demo)
  • 0.0.9
    • Store file size
  • 0.0.8
    • any parameter send in the query will be stored in the resource (and its value will be parsed as JSON if applicable)
    • if a parameter property name is "subdir", file will be placed under this subdir in the upload directory
  • 0.0.7
    • fix empty response issue
  • 0.0.6
  • 0.0.5


  • send an event with progress of upload=
  • improve demo (add implementation with angularJS, send a param in the query)
  • check if file already exist (upload anyway and put a (1) in the filename or return an error?)
  • Find a cleaner way to get the path of the upload directory
  • Implement GET of one file (stream file ?)