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    DozerJS CLI (NPM)

    NPM Module for easily installing and controlling the DozerJS Foundational Framework


    Install the npm globally with the following:

    npm install dozerjs -g

    Create Project Instance

    To create a new instance of DozerJS use:

    dozerjs create ProjectName

    The above will build the folder ./ProjectName and populate it with the DozerJS foundational framework.

    Generate Assets

    The command tool also allows you to generate an API, Model, Controller set. You must currently be in the root of a DozerJS project, then use:

    dozerjs generate EndpointName

    The above will create:

    • /api/EndpointName.js
    • /models/EndpointName.js
    • /controllers/EndpointName.js

    All of the above will have a basic structure including controller methods linked to the API requests.

    Install Extensions

    The tool allows for easily installing prebuilt extensions from Git repositories. There is an example extension to show the basic structure and composition. To install an extension:

    dozerjs install

    The above (using a HTTPS formatted Git URL) will pull the extension into a temp directory and then install it into the DozerJS project.

    Run DozerJS

    The command tool can be used to easily run the DozerJS service. You must currently be in the root of a DozerJS project, then use:

    dozerjs start

    Which will start the DozerJS service in development mode.

    The process can also run the production environment mode by specifying either prod or production after the command:

    dozerjs start prod

    Which would run with production configuration in place.


    npm i dozerjs

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