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DOWNLOAD EBOOK Taqueria Tacos: A Taco Cookbook to Bring the Flavo by Leslie Limon PDF EPUB MOBI (3kzuo)

Download Ebook + Taqueria Tacos: A Taco Cookbook to Bring the Flavo by Leslie Limon in pdf - mobi - epub format

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There are few things in life better than fresh, authentic tacos―so why not eat more of them? With Taqueria Tacos you can turn your kitchen into a traditional Mexican taqueria every night of the week.
Succulent meats. Sizzling veggies. Picante spices. When it comes to mouthwatering flavors, Mexican street tacos are where it’s at. Taqueria Tacos serves up the street taco the way it was intended―fresh, flavorful, and festive―leaving the hard shell and yellow cheese of the American “taco” in the dust.
Raised by her Mexican grandparents, Leslie Limón has been eating and cooking authentic Mexican cuisine her whole life. On her popular food blog, La Cocina de Leslie, she talks tacos, tamales, and tradition, inspiring her readers to cook delicious Mexican fare in the true spirit of la cultura Mexicana..
Just like the assembly line at your favorite taqueria, Taqueria Tacos begins with tortillas, moves on to meats, loads up on vegetables, rice and beans, and wraps up with salsas, sauces, and garnishes. Say Adiós to “Taco Tuesday” and ¡Hola! to Tacos Everyday with recipes such as:

Beer Batter-Fried Fish Tacos Squash Blossom Tacos Tacos al Pastor Easy Chicken Tacos de Mole Flautas de Rajas Chorizo Tacos

The fiesta starts here! Taqueria Tacos is a celebration of culinary culture, timeless tradition, and most of all―the almighty taco.

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