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Eduardo's dotfiles

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The first JavaScript-based dotfiles powered by Grunt.



  1. Install Git, if you don't have it yet.
  2. Install NodeJS, if you don't have it yet.

How to install?

$ [sudo] npm install -g dotfiles

This will install dotfiles from NPM.

How to setup?

$ dotfiles setup

This will symlink the appropriate files into your home directory. It may ask your password multiple times during the process.

How to update?

$ dotfiles

Just type dotfiles and it lets you know when updates are available.

What's included?

All my command-line tools and its configurations. Have fun :)

  • server Serve current folder over HTTP
  • subl Open file/dir with Sublime Text 3
  • up Go up N directories
  • Git Extras
  • Ngrok for introspected tunnels to localhost
  • Z for quick navigation through folders
  • Rbenv for Ruby version management
  • Ruby Build for installing different Ruby versions
  • Compass for Sass programming
  • Jekyll for static generated website development
  • Disable the sound effects on boot
  • Dock: automatically hide and show
  • Dock: enable animation when opening applications
  • Dock: enable highlight hover effect for the grid view of a stack
  • Dock: enable magnification
  • Dock: enable spring loading for all Dock items
  • Dock: make icons of hidden applications translucent
  • Dock: minimize windows into their application's icon
  • Enable full keyboard access for all controls
  • Enable hot corners
  • Enable snap-to-grid for icons on the desktop and in other icon views
  • Enable subpixel font rendering on non-Apple LCDs
  • Finder: allow quitting via ⌘ + Q; doing so will also hide desktop icons
  • Finder: allow text selection in Quick Look
  • Finder: automatically open a new window when a volume is mounted
  • Finder: disable window and Get Info animations
  • Finder: display full path as Finder window title
  • Finder: enable AirDrop over Ethernet and on unsupported Macs running Lion
  • Finder: enable spring loading for directories
  • Finder: show all filename extensions
  • Finder: show hidden files by default
  • Finder: show path bar
  • Finder: show status bar
  • Follow the keyboard focus while zoomed in
  • Four-letter codes for the other view modes: icnv, Nlsv, Flwv
  • General: automatically illuminate built-in MacBook keyboard in low light
  • General: automatically quit printer app once the print jobs complete
  • General: automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use
  • General: create .DS_Store files on network volumes
  • General: enable "natural" (Lion-style) scrolling
  • General: enable auto-correct
  • General: enable Dashboard as an overlay
  • General: enable HiDPI display modes (requires restart)
  • General: Enable icons for hard drives, servers, and removable media on the desktop
  • General: enable press-and-hold for keys instead of key repeat
  • General: Enable save documents to iCloud
  • General: enable scroll gesture with the Ctrl (^) modifier key to zoom
  • General: enable smart dashes, they're annoying when typing code
  • General: enable smart quotes, they're annoying when typing code
  • General: enable the "Are you sure you want to open this application?" dialog
  • General: enable the warning before emptying the Trash
  • General: enable the warning when changing a file extension
  • Increase grid spacing for icons on the desktop and in other icon views
  • Increase sound quality for Bluetooth headphones/headsets
  • Increase the size of icons on the desktop and in other icon views
  • iTerm: enable prompt when quitting iTerm
  • Menu bar: show remaining battery time (on pre-10.8); hide percentage
  • Only use UTF-8 in
  • Remove the auto-hiding Dock delay
  • Remove the spring loading delay for directories
  • Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins
  • Restart automatically if the computer freezes
  • Reveal IP address, hostname, OS version, etc. when clicking the clock
  • Save screenshots in PNG format (other options: BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, TIFF)
  • Save screenshots to ~/Screenshots
  • Set a blazingly fast keyboard repeat rate
  • Set computer name (as done via System Preferences → Sharing)
  • Set language and text formats
  • Set magnification icon size to 80 pixels
  • Set the icon size of Dock items to 48 pixels
  • Show item info near icons on the desktop and in other icon views
  • Show item info to the right of the icons on the desktop
  • Show the ~/Library folder
  • Speed up animation when hiding/showing the Dock
  • Speed up Mission Control animations
  • Trackpad: enable bottom right corner to right-click
  • Trackpad: enable tap to click
  • Turn off keyboard illumination when computer is not used for 5 minutes
  • Use columns view in all Finder windows by default
  • When performing a search, search the current folder by default

For the full configuration list click here



If you want to help, please read the Contributing guide first.


For detailed changelog, see Releases.


BSD License © Eduardo Lundgren

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