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This plugin automatically builds dot index files that export the contents of directories. It generates these files each time a file is changed or added to a specified source folder. This relieves you of the need to remember to update your index files each time you add a new file to your project.

Dot Index Files

Dot index files are identical to index files except in name: the filename .index.js rather than index.js denotes that they were generated automatically. A dot index file exports all other modules in its directory, using the name of the file as the name of the export. For instance, in a directory with structure:

+ src
| - .index.js
| - myModule.js
| - otherModule.js

The .index.js file would look like:

export { default as myModule } from './myModule'
export { default as otherModule } from './otherModule'

This convention means that it's important that filenames match desired module names. In order to use a custom index file rather than a generated one, simply add a index.js in the given directory.


To use this plugin in your project, add an instance of the plugin to your plugins array, with a path option value specifying the root of the directory where you'd like your dot index files to be generated.

Example webpack.config.js:

const DotIndexPlugin = require('dot-index-webpack-plugin')

module.exports = {
  // ... other configuration ...
  plugins: [
    new DotIndexPlugin({
      // watch src/ folder for changes
      path: path.join(__dirname, '../src'),

Custom export names

In some cases, you may want to customize the formatting of the generated export names. In this case, you can pass in a custom formatExports function to the plugin constructor:

  plugins: [
    new DotIndexPlugin({
      path: path.join(__dirname, '../src'),
      formatExports: (filename, rootPath) => filename.toUpperCase()

  // ... will result in ...

  export { default as MYCOMPONENT } from './MyComponent'




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