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Doodle-boots, a reloader based on Websocket and Rain-boots

For Rain-boots please read:


The events you may emit:

  • server: create the servers for http and websocket


    • http: Number 7777, to specify the port for doodle.js file
    • ws: Number 7776, to specify the port of websocket
    • interval: Number 600, the minimal interval of reload events
    • revive: Number 4000, time it revives if broken
  • watch: watch a path for sending reload signal


    • String: a string for the filename or dirname
    • [String]: array of strings to watch

The event you may listen:

  • started: servers started. Will be emitted only once
  • watched: you may got the path you watched...

What to do on browser side:

  • Add http://localhost:7777/doodle.js to you scripts
    Actually http server gives doodle.js every time, no need specify
    Your address may be different from mime in test/

  • This is currently not a stable project, fix it if it's broken