Map DOM events to DOM elements (optionally with delegation)


Map DOM events to DOM elements. For use with Browserify.

Part of the Domy module collection.

npm install domy-events --save
var events = require('domy-events');
var handlers = {
  method1function (e) {
    console.log('in this method');    
  method2function (e) {
  formHandlerfunction (e) {
var eventsOptions = {
  bind: handlers, // optional 
  parent: '.parent', // optional (can use a DOM object as well) 
  delegate: true // optional 
// Now, handle events 
  'click .some-css-selector': handlers.method1
  'click. #someId': 'method2',
  'submit form': handlers.formHandler
}, eventsOptions);

Note: domy-events uses querySelectorAll under the hood.

  • bind - the context in which to bind the event handler method to
  • parent - the parent DOM element for all css selections. Defaults to document.
  • delegate - delegate all events to the parent

Requires Phantomjs is installed

npm install
npm test