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Reducible DOM APIs


Small library for dealing with browser DOM events in a reducible style. This lets operate on user events as with regular collection data structures in composable manner.

var open = require("dom-reduce/event")
var map = require("reducers/map")
var filter = require("reducers/filter")
var fold = require("reducers/fold")
var takeWhile = require("reducers/take-while")
// Take stream of mouse move events. 
var moves = open(document.documentElement, "mousemove")
// Map it to the axis positions 
var axis = map(moves, function(event) {
  return { x: event.clientX, y: event.clientY }
// Filter down to the area we're interested in. 
var lineAxis = filter(axis, function(value) {
  return value.x > 190 && value.x < 200
// Take positions only until mouse reaches the edge. 
// Note that when this contidion is met event listeners 
// will automatically be removed. 
var values = takeWhile(lineAxis, function(value) {
  return value.y > 0
// Drow sowething in the given range. 
fold(lineAxis, function(position) {
npm install dom-reduce

Library is developed using awesome browserify! Phantomify is used for running test in a PhantomJS.