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Build DOM trees in Javascript with shortcut syntax for grabbing references to generated elements.

There are lots of libraries that perform a similar function but none I've encountered allow you to get a reference to anything but the root node. dom-build introduces the !key selector syntax to indicate that a generated element should be attached to the returned object structure via the named key. Example:

var d = require('dom-build');
var ui = d('#root.a.b.c!foo',
  "This is a text node", d('br'),
  "This is another text node", d('br'),
      'This is an explicit text node; it will be returned.',
      ' Multiple strings ',
      'can be added'
    { href: "/foo/bar",
      onclick: function(evt) { evt.preventDefault(); alert("hello!"); } },
    "Click me! ", [
      d("b!bold", "here's some bold text"),
      " ",
      d("i", "here's some italic text")
  d("div", {style: {width: 100, height: 100, backgroundColor: 'red'}})

This yields the ui object comprising these keys:

  • root: the element created by the outermost call to d()
  • myMessage: a raw text node; the contents of span.myMessage
  • foo: equivalent to root; div#root.a.b.c
  • link:
  • bold: <b>here's some bold text</b>