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dollr is a very simple, flexible and lightweight DOM helper library.


While there is seldom an actual real use for jQuery these days, there are still a large amount of websites that are too simple for using a framework but too complex to write in vanilla JavaScript.

dollr is a collection of useful DOM querying and manipulation methods that most often try to emulate their jQuery counterparts. However, instead of always loading the entire library, dollr is solely built to work with bundlers such as Rollup or Webpack. Thus, it allows you to pick the functionality needed, and only bundle that.

dollr does not aim to be backwards compatible; the main goal is to make each isolated module and the package as a whole as light as possible. Proper shims are required for dollr to function in legacy browsers.


$ npm install dollr


dollr is intended to be used with a bundler, such as Rollup, Webpack or Browserify.

ES2015 Modules

If using ES2015 aware modules, simply use import statements on 'dollr', ie:

import { $, $$, appendTo } from 'dollr';

There is no default export, and

import * as $  from 'dollr';

Gives you an object with all available methods, ie:

import * as $  from 'dollr';
const main = $.$('main');
$.appendTo($.$$('<p>One</p><p>Two</p>'), main);


If you are using CommonJS bundlers you should explicitly import needed modules to prevent the whole library being required, ie:

const $ = require('dollr/dollr')
const $$ = require('dollr/dollrs');
const appendTo = require('dollr/appendTo');

Small example:

import { $, $$ } from 'dollr';
$(() => console.log('dom ready'));
const main = $('main');
const page = $('.page', main);
if(page) {
const divs = $$('div', main);

Available Methods

  • ancestors
  • append
  • appendTo
  • children
  • closest
  • create
  • descendants
  • dollr.js (referred to as $)
  • dollrs.js (referred to as $$)
  • empty
  • index
  • insertAfter
  • insertBefore
  • is
  • _iterate
  • nextAll
  • next
  • off
  • on
  • prependTo
  • prevAll
  • prev
  • replaceWith
  • siblings
  • text
  • trigger
  • unwrap
  • _without
  • wrap

No Chaining

Since no special objects are created and each function takes the element as an argument, chaining is not possible in dollr.


jQuery's AJAX functionality is not available in dollr. Instead, we recommend using the Fetch API with the appropriate polyfill for legacy browsers.

Methods Description

This is currently an inexhaustive list of descriptions of how the methods provided by dollr work.


Sets an event listener on DOMLoaded event (just like jQuery).

$(selector, context)

Wrapper around document.querySelector. Calls context.querySelector(selector) if context is a node.


Returns node (only useful if you ain't sure what you got).

$(nodeList || array || htmlCollection)

Will return the first element (if there is one). Ie return nodeList[0].

$$(selector, context)

Wrapper around document.querySelectorAll. Calls context.querySelectorAll(selector) if context is a node.

$$(nodeList || array || htmlCollection)

Converts argument to an array.



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