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dojo on the other side

dojo-node v.4.1.0


Running dojo on the server as simple as it should be ...

  • dojo update 1.10
  • minor fixes

... install dojo using npm ... use dojo in a local context. (keep the global context clean) ... make it work without hacking in the original source.

npm install dojo-node
var dojo = require('dojo-node').dojo; 

var myClass = dojo.declare([], {

Since the "index.js" is our only file, this would be a good start to extend the project. The project uses a modified dojo bootstrap file and a slightly changed nodeConfig.js to fireup the framework. the index.js will export the context, i used to load dojo. the context includes a typical amd loader, like "amd like require", "define" usw....

You should be able to reuse the functions to load third party modules or even dojox related stuff.

I only use the project for smaller tests and evaluations, if you having trouble using the project for your need give me a ping.