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Dojo 2 CLI utility


The CLI is the officially supported way to create and maintain Dojo 2 apps.

WARNING This is alpha software. It is not yet production ready, so you should use at your own risk.

It is designed to save you time, by promoting a standardised workflow, and automating away more mundane boilerplate tasks.

You will need node v6+.

Getting the cli

You can install from npm:

npm i dojo-cli -g

In a terminal, run:


This should output the following:

dojo help
Usage: dojo <command> [subCommand] [options]
Hey there, here are all the things you can do with dojo-cli:

If you don't see the message above, then check that you have installed the CLI with the -g option.

You can list all your global npm dependencies by running:

npm list -g –depth=0

If you don't see dojo-cli in the list of global dependencies, then please re-install and make sure the installation runs without errors.

The CLI has the following format:

dojo group [command] - where [command] is optional


dojo help

where help is the group, and no command is specified, so the default help command is run.

This will output generic help information.

dojo create help

where create is the group and help is the command. This will output help for the create group.

The CLI has the following basic commands:

dojo help - provides a list of help as detailed above. dojo -v - provides the current version of the CLI

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo 2 Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines and Style Guide.

Test cases MUST be written using Intern using the Object test interface and Assert assertion interface.

90% branch coverage MUST be provided for all code submitted to this repository, as reported by istanbul’s combined coverage results for all supported platforms.

To test locally in node run:

grunt test

To test against browsers with a local selenium server run:

grunt test:local

To test against BrowserStack or Sauce Labs run:

grunt test:browserstack


grunt test:saucelabs

© 2004–2016 Dojo Foundation & contributors. New BSD license.