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docxtemplater is a library to generate docx/pptx documents from a docx/pptx template. It can replace {placeholders} with data and also supports loops and conditions. The templates can be edited by non-programmers, for example your clients.


Demo Site



The full documentation of the latest version can be found on read the docs.

See for information about how to migrate from older versions.

A user of docxtemplater named Timofey also created a tool to create documents easily :

You can find the tool at : , and a screencast showing how it works at

Similar libraries

They are a few similar libraries that work with docx, here’s a list of those I know a bit about:

  • docx4j :JAVA, this is probably the biggest docx library out there. There is no built in templating engine, but you can generate your docx yourself programmatically
  • docx.js: Javascript in the browser, you can create (not modify) your docx from scratch, but only do very simple things such as adding non formatted text
  • xlsx-templater : its working quite well, does the same as here but for xlsx


Functionality can be added with modules. Here is the list of existing modules:

Modules developped by docxtemplater core team members :

User contributed modules :

Professional Support

I can give your company support for installing, extending, answering support questions, or maintaining your app that runs docxtemplater. The support plan is paid per month and can be booked from