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docxtemplater is a library to generate docx/pptx documents from a docx/pptx template. It can replace {placeholders} with data and also supports loops and conditions. The templates can be edited by non-programmers, for example your clients.


Demo Site



The full documentation of the latest version can be found on read the docs.

See CHANGELOG.md for information about how to migrate from older versions.

A user of docxtemplater named Timofey also created a tool to create documents easily :

You can find the tool at : https://ntsdk.github.io/docxtemplater/docxtemplater-en.html , and a screencast showing how it works at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE9By5zEwss

Similar libraries

There are a few similar libraries that work with docx, here’s a list of those I know a bit about:

  • docx4j :JAVA, this is probably the biggest docx library out there. There is no built in templating engine, but you can generate your docx yourself programmatically
  • docx.js: Javascript in the browser, you can create (not modify) your docx from scratch, but only do very simple things such as adding non formatted text
  • xlsx-templater : its working quite well, does the same as here but for xlsx
  • officegen : works only server side for the moment but will be released soon for browser support


Functionality can be added with modules. Here is the list of existing modules:

PRO Modules developped by docxtemplater core team :

  • Image module using the syntax: {%image},
  • Html Module to insert formatted text in a docx document
  • Slides Module to create multiple slides dynamically
  • Subtemplate Module to include a document inside an other document
  • Word-Run Module to include raw runs (<w:r>) inside the document. This makes it possible to include styled text without having to remove the enclosing paragraph like in the {@rawXml} tag.
  • QrCode Module to replace an image, keeping any existing properties
  • Error Location Module to show the errors in the template with comments inside the template
  • Table Module to create tables from two dimensional data.

User-contributed modules :

  • Chart Module using the syntax: {$chart} , user contributed (compatible with v2 only)
  • Hyperlink module using the syntax: {^link}, (compatible with v2 only)


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