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    Docusaurus Plugin Redoc


    This plugin parses your OpenAPI spec files and makes them available as plugin data. Can use to creates pages using the @theme/ApiDoc component from your theme, or render it through custom react pages.

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️ NOTE: Not recommended for direct use. Use through main package instead: redocusaurus


    spec (required, string: file path or remote absolute url)

    Either a file path to an OpenAPI YAML/JSON file, or a url to one hosted on some website (not the same docusaurus website). Will be parsed at build time and forwarded to Redoc component.

    url (optional, string: download url)

    A url pointing to an OpenAPI spec. This will be used as download url and spec will be used for rendering. This is needed because by default the download url will point to a processed and parsed JSON file.

    route (optional, string: relative uri)

    Route URL at which docs would be available, this will use the theme component @theme/ApiDoc from docusaurus-theme-redoc to render the page. You can also skip this option and render the docs as you wish using a custom page.

    layout (optional, object: layoutProps)

    An object to pass as layout props. Useful to set title/description of the page. See all properties available here.


    See for examples and programmatic usage.


    npm i docusaurus-plugin-redoc

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