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Doctoralia API unofficial wrapper, helps you search for Doctors and Medical Centers in the world.

Doctoralia Node.js wrapper

This is a simple wrapper for the Doctoralia API. is the global platform for Doctors' appointments. Their API let you search for doctors and medical centers in 11 different countries in the world.

`npm install doctoralia

On the portal you will find API keys and documention.

The official Doctoralia API documentation can be found at

var Doctoralia = require('doctoralia');
var doc = new Doctoralia('YOUR_API_KEY');
// Get the countries where Doctoralia is available 
// Get all the medical specialities available in France  
// Returns a list of professionals in France  
// specialityId: 1136 is cancerolgy 
// provinceId: 10069 is Charente Maritime 
            specialityId: 1136,
            provinceId: 10069