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FormMail Plugin for DocPad

A simple DocPad plugin which extends the server to handle posts to a configurable url and deliver it's contents to email addresses with a configurable smtp account. The typical usage scenario is adding a contact form to your DocPad site.


npm install --save docpad-plugin-formmail



Configure the path to be intercepted on your server, the success redirect path and the email details for sending out form data in the DocPad configuration file. You can also enable Captcha form validation with additional configuration options. A full configuration entry would look similar to:

            path: '/contact',
            redirect: '/thanks',
                service: 'Gmail',
                    user: '',
                    pass: 'password'
            to: '',
                image: '/captcha',
                redirect: '/tryagain',
                    height: 150,
                    width: 300


  • the path property should match the POST action on your site's form.

  • the redirect property (optional) references a valid route to following successful submission (defaults to '/').

  • the to property may be a list of destination email addresses for sending form submissions.

  • the transport property configures an SMTP transport instance using nodemailer.

  • the captcha -> image property sets the path to retrieve captcha images, e.g <img src="/captcha" />

  • the captcha -> redirect property (optional) references a valid route to following failed Captcha validation (defaults to '/')

  • the captcha -> options property sets options for generating images, as used by captchagen, such as image height and width.


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Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Sparks Creative Limited