DocPad plugin to handle form submissions and mail out their content.

FormMail Plugin for DocPad

A simple DocPad plugin which extends the server to handle posts to a configurable url and deliver it's contents to email addresses with a configurable smtp account. The typical usage scenario is adding a contact form to your DocPad site.

npm install --save docpad-plugin-formmail

Configure the path to be intercepted on your server and the email details for sending out form data in the DocPad configuration file:

            path: '/contact'
            transport: {
                service: 'Gmail',
                auth: {
                    user: '',
                    pass: 'password'
            to: ''


  • the path property should match the POST action on your site's form.
  • the to property may be a list of destination email addresses for sending form submissions.
  • the transport property configures an SMTP transport instance using nodemailer

You can discover the history inside the file

Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Sparks Creative Limited