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Dnotebook allows you to create and share pages that contain live code, text and visualizations in a textbook-like manner.

It helps you to:

  • Easily perform interactive data exploration and analysis using efficient JavaScript packages like Danfo.js.
  • Easily build, train and prototype machine learning models using different tools like Tensorflow.js
  • Learn JavaScript in an interactive/visual style. This can hasten learning and understanding.
  • Plain Experimentation/Prototyping. Any experimentation performed in JavaScript can run on Dnotebooks.

How to install

Dnotebook is hosted on NPM, and can installed via package managers like npm and yarn

npm install -g dnotebook

Example usage

After installing dnotebook, you can start the server by running the command dnotebook in the terminal. This opens a new notebook in your default browser.

You can download the notebook shown above here. To view and interact with the notebook without installing anything, go to playnotebook.jsdata.org and upload it.

See the Official Getting Started Guide

Discussion and Development

Development discussions take place on our issues tab.

Contributing to Dnotebook

All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements, and ideas are welcome.

Licence MIT

Created by Rising Odegua and Stephen Oni

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