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DMX-512 controller library for node.js


npm install dmx

Library API

const DMX = require('dmx')

Class DMX

new DMX()

Create a new DMX instance. This class is used to tie multiple universes together.

dmx.registerDriver(name, module)

  • name - String
  • module - Object implementing the Driver API

Register a new DMX Driver module by its name. These drivers are currently registered by default:

  • null: a development driver that prints the universe to stdout
  • socketio: a driver which sends out the universe via socket.IO as an array (see demo_socket_client.js as a client example)
  • artnet: driver for EnttecODE
  • bbdmx: driver for BeagleBone-DMX
  • dmx4all: driver for DMX4ALL devices like the "NanoDMX USB Interface"
  • enttec-usb-dmx-pro: a driver for devices using a Enttec USB DMX Pro chip like the "DMXKing ultraDMX Micro".
  • enttec-open-usb-dmx: driver for "Enttec Open DMX USB". This device is NOT recommended, there are known hardware limitations and this driver is not very stable. (If possible better obtain a device with the "pro" chip)
  • dmxking-utra-dmx-pro: driver for the DMXKing Ultra DMX pro interface. This driver support multiple universe specify the options with Port = A or B

dmx.addUniverse(name, driver, device_id, options)

  • name - String
  • driver - String, referring a registered driver
  • device_id - Number or Object
  • options - Object, driver specific options

Add a new DMX Universe with a name, driver and an optional device_id used by the driver to identify the device. For enttec-usb-dmx-pro and enttec-open-usb-dmx device_id is the path the the serial device. For artnet it is the target ip.

dmx.update(universe, channels)

  • universe - String, name of the universe
  • channels - Object, keys are channel numbers, values the values to set that channel to

Update one or multiple channels of a universe. Also emits a update Event with the same information.


A JSON Object describing some Devices and how many channels they use. Currently not many devices are in there but more can be added to the devices.js file. Pull requests welcome ;-)

The following Devices are known:

  • generic - a one channel dimmer
  • showtec-multidim2 - 4 channel dimmer with 4A per channel
  • eurolite-led-bar - Led bar with 3 RGB color segments and some programms
  • stairville-led-par-56 - RGB LED Par Can with some programms

Class DMX.Animation

new DMX.Animation()

Create a new DMX Animation instance. This can be chained similar to jQuery.

animation.add(to, duration, options)

  • to - Object, keys are channel numbers, values the values to set that channel to
  • duration - Number, duration in ms
  • options - Object

Add an animation Step. The options Object takes an easing key which allows to set a easing function from the following list:

  • linear (default)
  • inQuad
  • outQuad
  • inOutQuad
  • inCubic
  • outCubic
  • inOutCubic
  • inQuart
  • outQuart
  • inOutQuart
  • inQuint
  • outQuint
  • inOutQuint
  • inSine
  • outSine
  • inOutSine
  • inExpo
  • outExpo
  • inOutExpo
  • inCirc
  • outCirc
  • inOutCirc
  • inElastic
  • outElastic
  • inOutElastic
  • inBack
  • outBack
  • inOutBack
  • inBounce
  • outBounce
  • inOutBounce

Returns a Animation object with the animation step added.


  • duration - Number, duration in ms

Delay the next animation step for duration. Returns a Animation object with the delay step added., onFinish)

  • universe - Object, reference to the universe driver
  • onFinish - Function, called when the animation is done

Run the Animation on the specified universe.


  • universe - Object, reference to the universe driver

Runs an animation constantly until animation.stop() is called

The example below shows a value being animated for 5 seconds:

const animation = new DMX.Animation().add({
  1: 255,
}, 100).add({
  1: 0,
}, 100).runLoop(universe)
setTimeout(() => {
}, 5000)


Versions prior to 0.2 included a Webinterface. This has since been moved into its own repository at


We're happy to help. Chat with us on IRC in #node-dmx on freenode.


npm i dmx

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