This module allows one to connect to DNSMadeEasy's APIs (V2.0)

  • Import the module

      var dme = require('dnsmadeeasy');
  • Setup config

      var config = {
          apikey: <INSERT_APIKEY>,
          secret: <INSERT_APISECRET>,
          debug: false
  • Create client

      var client = dme.createClient(config);
  • Access ManagedDNS

      var mgdns = new dnsmadeeasy.ManagedDNS(client);
      mgdns.getAllDomains(function(err, data){
          if (err) console.log(err);
          var domains =;
              mgdns.getDomain(, function(err, data){
                  if (err) console.log(err);
  • ManagedDNS
  • SOA
  • Template
  • VanityDNS

All api calls require a callback that exposes the error (if any) and the data ex.

function(err, data)

To know exactly what parameters to pass in the data envelope, consult the DNSMadeEasy API V2.0 Documentation by going here

Still working on finishing the other submodules for it Currently lacks:

  • AccountACL
  • Failover
  • Folder
  • IPSet
  • QueryUsage
  • SecondaryDNS
  • Provide significantly better documentation
  • Provide better comments in the code itself