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remixable API designed to write extensible modular JavaScript

$ npm install dj

API (0.x)

0.x versions are experimental. See the source for more details.


  • dj.hook(key, value) set or get hooks
  • dj.hook.remix() create a new hook() function tied to a clean hash
  • dj.expand(receiver, supplier, opt_force, opt_check) multipurpose augmenter/extender
  • dj.mixin(supplier, opt_force, opt_check) augment dj w/ supplier's props
  • dj.owns(key) alias for dj.hasOwnProperty(key)
  • dj.bridge(receiver, opt_force, opt_api) integrate dj into receiver
  • dj.submix(subModule, opt_force) integrate subModule into dj


Replace deprecated 0.7- inheritance methods with blood

  • Replace with blood.create
  • Replace with blood.line
  • Replace dj.resample with blood.twin

License: MIT

Copyright (C) 2012 by Ryan Van Etten