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npm install divideconfig --save


DivideConfig is smart loader for your application configuration. DivideConfig is load by mode configuration. Mode is to separate for distribution that are development, stage, production. See below configuration architecture.

Configuration Tree Architecture

  +- database/
    +- development.database.config.json
    +- stage.database.config.json
    +- production.database.config.json
  +- oAuth2/
    +- development.oauth2.config.json
    +- stage.oauth2.config.json
    +- production.oauth2.config.json


  "mode": "development",
  "default: "development"

Load complete after Json architecture

  "database": {
    ... your configuration
  "oAuth2": {
    ... your configuration

DivideConfig is loading all configuration file in config directory, that is starts with mode prefix and xxxx.config.json file. If you set development mode, load all files that is start with "development". For example, "development.database.config.json" and "development.oauth2.config.json".

All loading task is to execute synchronous. So you try to load configuration before your application execute.

Why DivideConfig?

  • Separate configuration, production and development, stage
  • Before load to execute strip-json-comments, so your write comment in configuration. It so convenient.
  • You can set default configuration. If you set development, first loading development configuration and overwrite configuration in preloaded configuration.
  • Support hjson, yaml, HOCON
    • HOCON configuration is make share configuration file with Java, Scala project
    • JSON: .json
    • YAML: .yaml, .yml
    • HJSON: .hjson
    • HOCON: .conf, .hocon


See configuration example,

  • config/development_default_comon
  • config/production_default_development
  • config/production_default_development_hjson
  • config/production_default_development_yaml
  • config/production_default_development_hocon
var path = require('path');
var loader = require('../lib/Loader');
var configuration = loader.loading(path.join(__dirname, '../config/production_default_development'), 'config.json');


  • Javascript hoconfig-js library cannot parse specific comment(start with //). So you can use only start with # comment. Remind, you use only start with # comment.

Contribution guide

  • DivideConfig follow Airbnb Javascript guide.
    • Commit before, execute below command
    • npm run lint

More Help?

See example in config directory and test/loader.js. I create example configuration and test case.