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disposable seraph

This is a small kit for spinning up a disposable neo4j database and wrapping it in a seraph object. This means that you can require this module, call the function, and you have a box to put your data in. No questions asked! You don't even need to install a database, we'll do that for you too.

Of course, the first time you run this, it will take a few minutes to download neo4j. So be patient!

The callback for the function actually will give you two params after the err. The most important is of course the first, db (the seraph object), but you also get neosv which is the neo4j-supervisor object wrapping the db, so you can do fun stuff like stopping, starting and murdering its data!

require('disposable-seraph')(function(err, db, neo) {
  //db = seraph object pointing to a real DB!
  //neo = neo4j-supervisor object


You can also pass an options object before the callback (or just set the opts on the callback itself—why the hell not!). Possible settings:

  • version - neo4j version. defaults to 2.0.0-M03
  • edition - neo4j edition. defaults to community
  • port - port to run neo4j on. defaults to a random number between 20000 and 60000.
  • clean - if set to true, the db will be cleaned every time it is run. This is useful for use in a test environment (but neo4j's startup time is not such that you could clean the db for every unit test).