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A simple disk space checker module. Check out the GitHub page for more details.


This is a simple module for Node.js to check disk space usages in bytes on both *nix and Windows systems.

If you are using on Windows, This also depends on a console application for Windows called DriveSpace written in C# and requires .NET Framework 3.5 when using this on a Windows system. This included in the NPM package, but you can look at the DriveSpace code also if you wish.

If your on a *nix system, drivespace.exe is not used.

To set up diskspace.js on your Node.js server use npm.

npm install diskspace

var diskspace = require('diskspace');
diskspace.check('C', function (err, total, free, status)
Your code here

On Windows you change C to the drive letter you want to check. On Linux you use the mount path eg /.

total is how much the drive has totally. free is how much free space you have. status isn't really that useful unless you want to debug.

  • NOTFOUND - Disk was not found, the space values will be 0
  • READY - The drive is ready
  • NOTREADY - The drive isn't ready, the space values will be 0
  • STDERR - some error, the output of it was logged to the console.

This will fail on hard drives bigger than 9 petabytes. Thanks @SteveStreza [1] [2]