A simple disk space checker module. Check out the GitHub page for more details.


This is a simple module for Node.js to check disk space usages in bytes.

This also depends on a console application for Windows called DriveSpace written in C# and requires .NET Framework 3.5 when using this on a Windows system. This included in the NPM package, but you can look at the DriveSpace code also if you wish.

To set up diskspace.js on your Node.js server use npm.

npm install diskspace
var diskspace = require('diskspace');
diskspace.check('C', function (err, total, free, status)
    Your code here

On Windows you change C to the drive letter you want to check. On Linux you use the mount path eg /.

total is how much the drive has totally. free is how much free space you have. status isn't really that useful unless you want to debug.

  • NOTFOUND - Disk was not found, the space values will be 0
  • READY - The drive is ready
  • NOTREADY - The drive isn't ready, the space values will be 0
  • STDERR - some error, the output of it was logged to the console.

##Other Notes## This will fail on hard drives bigger than 9 petabytes. Thanks @SteveStreza [1] [2]